We rent boats with crews. The boat and the crew hired will be at your disposal to make you feel at ease. The boat is equipped with every comfort: Toilette, shower, a little awning and lawn chairs.

  • Portovenere

    A typical medieval village situated in the western end of the Gulf, with its rock-houses, Genova castle and St.Peter Church overhanging the sea, it joins the charm of the "finis terrae" with a distinguished history". Today Portovenere is loved from the tourists that visit it for its simple but very suggestive landscapes, for the many colors of its house-towers situated on parallel lines and even for the amenity of its alleys. In front of Portovenere we find the it island of Palmaria, connected to the land through ferries from La Spezia, from Lerici and from the same portovenere. Portovenere has, perhaps, lost its peculiarities of seafaring suburb to become a touristic center of notable interest.

  • Five Lands

    The charm of the hill overhanging the sea, a wonderful choreography that seems to have been designed by a romantic painter who traced an extremely intense painting, a treasure, vaunt of the Province of La Spezia, destination for tourists from all over the world. Houses and paths suspended between the earth and the sky, make it a natural beauty unique also because kept intact and faithful to the nautical tradition. Our journey in the beautiful places characterizing The five lands, starts from Brugnato motorway's exit. Then , trespassing Borgetto Vara, Pignone, we'll reach Monterosso, the first of the five little villages. The arrival is made much more suggestive by the peculiar nature of this place, got out of the rocks. The tourist is welcomed by the Statue of the Giant (a Neptune rested to the cliff to guard the sea). Then Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Rio Riomaggiore. These places are jointed by the so called "The Lovers' road": this is the most romantic and suggestive image of an extremely fascinating natural fresco. To those who love good wine is dedicated a peculiar speciality: the sciacchetrà. This is a white wine got out of the vine yards characterizing these zones. This wine is produced in limited amount and worthy of real connoisseurs.

  • Palmaria Island

    The Palmaria Island closes the horizon of Portovenere. It is separated from the old medieval village by a narrow arm of the sea, called “Le Bocche” (the mouthes). The stories of Palmaria Island are connected to those of Porto Venere, in good and bad fate. A memorable event is that of the double assault, by sea and by land, which it underwent for twenty days in the summer of 1242 by both Imperial troops and troops from Pisa. The island is connected to Portovenere by steamers and private boats which disembark tourists at the Terrizzo, from where one can start the tour: to the right, the wide dirt road “via Schenello”, where you can find the only hotel-restaurant (trattoria) which is open from June to October. On the coast, you can see the mussels breedings in the typical wooden cages. The real footpath starts to the right of old vats, indicated by a red sign. Following the winding footpath, one gets to the old asphalt road of the island from which one can watch the Island of Tino (hardly bigger than a rock). Following another footpath, it is then possible to get to a wide inlet with a beach which is the second mooring of the island.

  • Bocca di Magra

    Bocca di Magra is a small center in the province of La Spezia, born as fishermen village it is abandoned on the right riverside of the homonym river, in front of Fiumaretta. In the Suburb are preserved the architectural ruins of a villa that is considered an important historical and artistic testimony . Bocca di Magra is well-known because it has been a place where writers and intellectuals met, such as Eugenio Montale, Giulio Einaudi, Cesare Pavese and more others. It has been inserted in the routes of the Val di Magra and Terra di Luni cultural Park. The economic resources of Bocca di Magra are represented by the traditional fishing activities (it is possible to purchase the fishes directly from the fishermen on the dock, that stop near their fishing-boats), from tourism, as well as from the presence of different docks dedicated to the yatching and ferries that can help you reaching the small inlets and the hidden little beaches, close to places like Lerici, Portovenere and the Five Lands (Punta Bianca with her white rock-cliffs and Punta Corvo). A spectacular coast road that takes you to Lerici crosses first Montemarcello, that overlooks both the Gulf of La Spezia and Val di Magra, and it allows you to admire a really beautiful panorama of the ligurian coast. You can also enjoy the view of a steep stairway to the famous beach of Punta Corvo.